Taecyeon and gui gui really dating

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  1. Taecyeon's "ex-wife" makes hot debut in South Korea - Koreaboo
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  4. Taecyeon with gui gui; a pink; nickhun with ivy; dani ; Key selca

When he wrote out that cute little note asking her to marry him in the dress viewing room… Almost lost it for good. Why is this just for TV!!!?!!! I just read that FT Island will be releasing an album or something in Japan.

Taecyeon's "ex-wife" makes hot debut in South Korea - Koreaboo

OMG they can be together. Rosieeeee you neeeeeed to watch the latest episode!! OMG that backhug scene and then on the sofa together.

Taecyeon/guigui in Shanghai

Will I need a pillow to stifle all my squeals??? I think I just died… I literally cried during their photo shoot this ep.

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I LOVE that song. I literally died at the almost-nuzzling going on during the photo shoot, the one where he had to back hug her and then again on the boat.

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I am sold by Mina Hongki pairing. Their apparent chemistry and natural skinship were about to burn my Laptop screen. Haha i mean he kept rubbing her neck and shoulders. Mina is seriously drop dread goegeous with very attractive personality too. Her smile is just…. The dimples… Am i having a girl crush? I tried to watch Taec and Gui but ended up looking away on some scenes due to the awkwardness in their interaction. The way Taec spoke to her, enunciate the words, feel like he is talking to a 3 yr old.

Frankly he doesnt seem to be into Gui that much.

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She indeed tried too hard that it came across as desperate for attention. But I applaud her for trying to break their cultural barrier by making their interaction entertaining.

Hongki mina chemistry can be seen on and off screen. Hi Apple, sorry for the late reply. I admit to lately watch Taec-Gui in full despite their scenes being so cringeworthy-awkward! Are the making vids really worth watching? He treats her a little different during the last 2 episodes, and was even trying a little too hard on the last part of ep 8 to make her laugh. He seems to really enjoy taking photos though haha. Taec-gui definitely is my favourite: Taec just seems so so sincere during his proposal, surprising Gui Gui in all possible ways he could.

Taecyeon with gui gui; a pink; nickhun with ivy; dani ; Key selca

The letter was way longer than what was aired to us though. Thanks again though for dropping in: Off I go to read your next installment. I must confess i was initially drawn by taecgui couple but after episode 3 i got tired of the daddy-daughter kinda relationship decided to loosen more to second couple.

apiarykritsky.ru/includes/2019-09-24/dul-intim-znakomstva.php Hongmina got me right on my groat, my eyes sparkled and my heart starts to whimp until i died and ressurrated in episode 5 as they were trying-out a wedding outfit. The photo shoot which makes his heart beat a lot faster than normal.

The piano gift which swept him off his feet. In next week's episode of "We Got Married: Global Edition," the international couple will travel to their farewell destination and say goodbye. Despite speaking different languages and coming from different cultural backgrounds, the two had a lot in common. Taecyeon is the main rapper with the band 2 PM and has branched out into acting with the dramas "Dream High," "Cinderella's Sister" and the upcoming drama, "Who Are You?

At first it seemed as if the couple had too many obstacles to overcome. When she was asked who was her favorite 2PM member, she responded that it was Nickhun, much to Taecyeon's disappointment. When asked if they would date in real life, Taecyeon said yes.

But Gui Gui did not think they could overcome cultural differences. But his sincere efforts to please her slowly won her over. The show's highlights included his buying her silver shoes and slipping them on her feet Cinderella-style, his buying her flowers and cocoa, and his heartfelt proposal that brought Gui Gui to tears. To propose, he dressed up in a suit and tie, serenaded her with their song, and got on his knees. Now that the show is ending, they will part.