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March 06, 2018
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Mentees must be CIM members or studying members. Please call the Network Support team to make your booking. This event is exclusive to CIM members. Prices shown include VAT with a light finger buffet and refreshments provided. If you have any special dietary requirements, please contact the Network Support team.

Mentoring Software

The need for an inspirational figure remains as strong today as it was when Branson launched Virgin Atlantic in Having an advisor is as important now as it ever was. Generation Y executives are tackling the traditional barriers to success that existed when Branson and Laker worked together, such as a linear business hierarchy. Last year Adam Kingl, Director of Learning Solutions, London Business School, surveyed Gen Y executives from 33 countries and revealed that 90 per cent of the group plan to spend less than five years with an employer.

Furthermore, Kingl says that based on current trends, Generation X will likely have seven to eight jobs in their lifetime, whereas Gen Y will have 15 to It's small wonder then that people seeking a broader business perspective are now looking beyond their workplace for a mentor.

An essential part of achieving the most from mentoring is finding the right match. Before deciding whom your mentor should be, consider what you want to achieve from the relationship. And if you feel a magnetic pull, make sure your mentor can draw you closer to your end goal.

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Knowing where to begin when searching for a mentor is challenging, so consider starting somewhere outside your existing network. Professor Fernandez-Mateo points to a well-known sociological finding from Structural Holes: Social Structure of Competition — you get the best ideas and advice from people outside your own network.

Mentor matchmaking

To explain, she proffers two scenarios. The first involves Bob, who only has connections from the same network.

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The second network, belonging to Julia, has the same number of connections, but from different business groups or industries. Burt, University of Chicago to further explain.

Best Mentoring Software | Reviews of the Most Popular Systems

Chitra Stern MBA, founder of Martinhal — a luxury resort based in Portugal — and speaker at WIB, understands the importance of having a network when you go it alone. Her advice is to develop existing relationships to get ahead.

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Choose carefully the people you develop friendships with and keep developing your relationship with them to get where you want to be. Being an entrepreneur and mother gives Stern insight into what it takes to be a role model. But who inspired her?

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Stern says that she was encouraged to become an entrepreneur in her mids, after reading Anita Roddick by the eponymous founder of Body Shop. They worked together in our family business, which instilled in me an ambitious work ethic. Role models are powerful figures to learn from and can be found anywhere.