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  1. The Bachelorette's contestant admits to 'falling in love' with another man
  3. The Bachelorette: Are Contestants JJ & Clint Hooking Up?!
  4. The Bachelorette: Your guide to everything in Becca's season
  5. Who is Becca Kufrin?

We've already seen seven kicked off. The most notable kick off was Jake! Seemingly random phrases get thrown around a lot on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but I'm here to help. Given out on the first night. It basically goes to the man Becca likes best so far. Becca bestowed this honor to Garrett, so watch out!

This is where Becca will narrow down her guys every week. She'll say a name, give a guy a rose it's hooked onto their jackets with magnets in case you were wondering and it's pretty basic. There will be 16 commercial breaks and sometimes, we won't even have a rose ceremony because of all the drama takes too much time and you realize life is awful those weeks, so get ready. Are they actually ending the show with a rose ceremony?! A bunch of guys will go on a date with the Bachelorette and try to get alone time with her. The Bachelorette and one guy will get to go on a date.

Tears will be shed by one or both.

The Bachelorette's contestant admits to 'falling in love' with another man

It'll be romantic or awkward, but either way we win. I count down the days until the two-on-one s because the drama is the best. Popping up near the end of season, this is where the Bachelorette and a suitor will go to have alone time without the cameras. And, you know, be together.

The Bachelorette will travel to random parts of the country during this ep, meeting her suitors' families and having awkward conversations about marriage. Chris Harrison will constantly cut to commercial and show awkward moments from the season. Ninety percent of this episode will be trash.


The other 10 percent is when we get another Jason Mesnick situation , and all hell breaks loose. Men Tell All episode: This is a full episode that usually airs after the hometowns ep. We laugh, we cry, and bets are made about who will grace the next season. And yes, there is a Women Tell All ep during Bachelor seasons.

This will happen during a one-on-one date.

The Bachelorette: Are Contestants JJ & Clint Hooking Up?!

The Bachelorette and the man will be impressed by some band you've likely never heard of. It's annoying but worth tweeting about how you have no idea who the band is. And you can bet on it being country music, with an awkward dance on a raised podium for our couple.


The Bachelor premiered in on ABC and has been running for 22 seasons. The Bachelorette began the following year, and since then 26 territories around the world have aired versions of Bachelor.

The Bachelorette: Your guide to everything in Becca's season

There have been various one-off specials sometimes featuring weddings and three big spin-offs:. A spin-off of the regular seasons, it drops alums in Mexico with a lot of tequila, a lot of drama and even more tears. I'm looking at you Ashley I. The worst and original spin-off.

BP ran for two years, and on season 1 of Paradise, they kept trying to make Bachelor Pad a thing, but everyone realized it was a trash show and stopped. End of story and show.

The Bachelor Winter Games: A two-week show that aired in February, this spin-off was modeled after the Olympics. So once we realized that this guy really has feelings for Becca and he wants to go, we did it. Is it because he is a bit older, and perhaps ready for a real relationship? Nick Viall almost feels like an early-to-mid something who is still figuring himself out and moved to L. Arie lives in Scottsdale, Ariz. He was just living his life.

It seems like the intention in casting Arie was to make this season the most authentic it could possibly be when it comes to looking for love, so why do you think ratings were down this season?

Who is Becca Kufrin?

But it still felt like people cared — I heard a lot of chatter about the season online. The people that are watching, certainly all seem to like it and live for it. On the flip side of that, do you think the political climate and intense news cycle serve as a benefit to the show because it can be an escape for viewers? There is something hopeful and escapist about this show. It certainly is a chance worth taking. The hybrid comedy tells the story of how an unlikely couple becomes a family through interviews and vignettes spanning 10 years. Bob Costas has formally parted ways with NBC after nearly 40 years as a sportscaster for the Peacock.

Costas and NBC have been negotiating an exit agreement for months.

Male Bachelorette Contestants Find Love With Each Other

Word surfaced last summer that he was preparing to end his tenure with the network. Costas confirmed the news in an interview with the New York [ It seems in retrospect unavoidable that the week of release for a highly-anticipated documentary about a scammer began with an attention-grabbing stunt. High school, according to TV and movies, is either the best or worst thing that can happen to a person.

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